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N&R Predictions – Week 9

After being in the mix every week so far this season, in week 8 we were rubbish. These are our picks for this weekend:


Man Utd at Huddersfield
Bristol City home to Leeds
AFC Wimbledon home to Plymouth
Luton at Crawley

Stand to win: £19.68
Running total: -£16.00
Arsenal at Everton
Aston Villa home to Fulham
Wigan at Blackpool
Exeter home to Port Vale

Stand to win: £37.68
Running total: -£1.02



Photograph of the week


Leicester continued their hiring and firing when they removed Craig Shakespeare this week. The 53-year-old lasted only four months as permanent boss, following title winner Claudio Ranieri in being ruthlessly cut adrift by the club’s owners.

N&R Predictions – week 8

Ready got off the mark in week 7. This week’s picks:

Man C home to Stoke
Millwall away at Brentford
Blackburn away at Oldham
Notts C home to Barnet

Stand to win: £35.88
Running total: -£14.00
Chelsea away at C Palace
Leeds home Reading
Peterborough home Gillingham
Notts C home Barnet

Stand to win: £17.32
Running total: £0.98


73 transfers done in this past off week.
223 for the season so far.
32 managers still yet to make a transfer (including Muddy)
The most made by one manager – 8

Photograph’s of the week

The joys and pain from our home nations this week.


Oh England

I gave up watching the national team a long time ago, save for that first week or so at a major finals before they are headed to the airport and home.

So, therefore I didn’t watch last night but it sounded truly diabolical with fans resorting to throwing paper airplanes at each other. Only Kane and Rashford showing any kind of hope for next year’s finals. Hope and those two alone will not get us very far.

In modern football and with the benefit of a far more variegated Europe we have to be grateful for the tinier nations because I can still remember when we didn’t qualify for tournaments. That used to be desperate. In my formative year England missing from the 1974 and 1978 World Cups didn’t sully my enjoyment, probably because watching live the world’s best players was such a rare joy.

We missed out on the 1984 Euros, Alan Simonsen putting the nail in that coffin. Then there was that fateful night in San Marino when we actually went behind to a TV salesman’s goal, and Graham Taylor’s side failed to qualify for USA ’94. The wally with the brolly holds the not very distinguished title of being the last England manager to fail to qualify for a tournament, Euro 2008.

So we should at least be grateful that England can take their place in Russia as we have an interest and I for one hope that Wales, Scotland and Josh Magennis’ Northern Ireland can get there too.

N&R League Cups 2nd Round Results

The N&R League Cup 2nd Round was played out over the last weekend. This is how it went:

N&R Premier League Cup 2nd Round Results
Richard Carpanen 36-54 Alastair Bigg
Jordan Perry 41-56 Lee Blackman
Barry Plummer 43-42 Neil Reynolds
Mark Dewberry 49-45 Mark Simmons
John McGowan 33-44 Ready
Steve Harris 40-33 Ben Guarino
Paul Hodges 62-57 Mitesh Patel

In the tie of the round Steve squeezed past Ben 40-33. In the closest game Plumms nipped past Neil by a point and in the highest scoring Paul flashed past Mitesh 62-57.

N&R Championship League Cup 2nd Round Results
Lee Horne 38-42 James Stiff
Ben Kinsella 57-35 Harry McCarthy
Peter Godfrey 51-28 Max King
Graham Ward 54-58 Michael Stout
George Watson 44-34 Oliver Robinson
Dan Weeks 46-34 Ashley Blake
Ken Cobbett 44-69 Joe Harding
Stephen Johnson 47-49 William Knowles

In the most anticipated match up Ben edged past Harry. League leader Michael slipped past Graham in another close one and the biggest scoring tie Joe wrinkled their way past Johno.

N&R Conference League Cup 2nd Round Results
Andrew Mitchell 36-33 Nini Cifelli
Stuart Keys 26-55 Paul Woodward
Martin Singleton 47-48 Aaron Barden
Alex Byatt 46-54 Richard Richards
Megan McLeod 50-28 Andi Turner
Ian Kennett 47-45 Tony Murray
Paul Long 54-40 Trevor Fairweather
Ray Legg 54-37 Omar Dixon

In what was slated as the tie of the round Richard few by Alex in a high scoring encounter. The most sided victory was Megan stuffing good and proper Andi. Two points separated Ian and Tony and just one as Aaron stealthily got by Martin.

Watch out for the 3rd Round Draws soon.