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Thank you’s

We always like to end with a few thank you’s.

It was another great season with worthy winners, with special mentions to Steve Black, Michael Stout and Richard Richards.

96 managers, over 800 transfers made, and 41 weeks of tables and blog posts, which had 8,500 page views. Incredible.

We dropped a couple of things this year, which helped with the workloads, but still the whole N&R FL is very work intensive, but the fun and the camaraderie outweighs the effort in all honesty.

The numbers that came out to the end of season were a little lower than previous years, but almost everyone stayed out late, except for Ready who put himself to bed at around 9pm. Keith is a little bit out of practice on the, er, socializing front since he ‘retired’ from the market. Next week he leaves for Thailand until the end of the summer.

Anyway, the thank you’s. First to all of you that kept in contact either via email, text or blog comment. Please keep the news and gossip coming, as it is all part of the N&R FL community. Your feedback and views are even more important now both Nobby & Ready will be spending nearly all of our time outside of the City. It’s not the winning, its the taking part, so thanks to all the managers, remembering that we have many of you from outside of the UK, a fact that we both love.

As always Nobby & Ready would like to pay a special thank you to Mark Simmons, who is our master of scoring and statistical analyst. We have said this before but without Mark the N&R FL would not exist. So much dziękuję ci mate.

We may look to change a few things again next season, something that Keith and I will discuss over the summer.

And that is it. Enjoy your summers everyone, and enjoy the World Cup.


Hall of Fame

Steve Black won his 2nd N&R FL title, congratulations to the Barnsley fan living in Atlanta. It is Steve’s 2nd title, taking him level with Pete Godfrey and Danny Rose, who joint managed the Avon team in those first two seasons. A few less managers then though than today.

Ready still is the most successful N&R manager with 4 titles. Here is the 22 years N&R Champion Hall of Fame listing:

22 years of N&R FL Champions
2017/18 Guinness & eggs – Steve Black
2016/17 Hannoi Utd – Keith Read
2015/16 BMS Boomerang – Graham Ward
2014/15 Guinness & Black – Steve Black
2013/14 Brox Banditos – Chris Wright
2012/13 Ollympic Games – Ryan Saveall
2011/12 Woody’s Round Up – Ricky Wood
2010/11 To Elland Back – Rob Munden
2009/10 Hannoi Utd – Keith Read
2008/09 Gooner win league – Neil Reynolds
2007/08 – Paul Kelleher
2006/07 Savchenko Spurs – Ryan Saveall
2005/06 Ping Pong Yo-Yo – Suzie Syrett
2004/05 Ginger (not so) Athletic – Peter Doyle
2003/04 Chang Noi’s Ham Yai – Keith Read
2002/03 2Infinity & Beyond – Barry Plummer
2001/02 Read ’em & weep – Keith Read
2000/01 Brighton Revenge – Jonathan Poole
1999/00 Cowboys Ride Again – Brett Davey
1998/99 Millennium Buggers – Richard Taylor
1997/98 Flo’s Champs – Godfrey, Rose
1996/97 Flo’s Army – Godfrey, Rose

For a full listing of all our winners in the N&R Hall of Fame, click here.

How the prizes were won

22logo1The 22nd N&R FL title went stateside again with Steve Black winning his second champion title. Steve collected £320, or $425 in Trump’s dollars. Congratulations again to Steve, but there were 62 other prizes and this is how they will be distributed:

N&R Premier League
N&R 2015/16 Champion – Steve Black $425 + coveted N&R FL Champions trophy
Runner Up – Barry Plummer £220
3rd – Paul Hodges £190
4th – Ricky Wood £150
5th – Keith Read £130
6th – Mark Simmons £100
7th – Neil Reynolds £80
8th – Alastair Bigg £55

Relegated: Lee Blackman, Richard Carpanen, Mark Dewberry, Tim Harris, Jack Whalley, George Northover, Nichols Kociuba, Luke Patey, Mark Gregory, Mitesh Patel, Steve Harris, Peter Clark, Stuart Wolstenholme, Neil Bixby and Richard Brown

N&R Championship
1st – Michael Stout £130 + trophy
2nd – William Knowles £80
3rd – Dan Weeks £60
4th – Emma Wells £50
5th – Robert Smith £45
6th – Ian France £40
7th – Ashley Blake £35
8th – Max King $40

Also promoted: Graham Ward, Peter Godfrey, Stephen Johnson, James Stiff, Joe Harding, George Watson and Simon Newport

Relegated: Mark Sterry, Harry McCarthy, Lee Horne, Tom Mallindine, Oliver Robinson, Richard Nathan, Jason Syrett, Ken Cobbett, Tony Martin, Duncan Gorton, Ben Kinsella, John Button, Simon Ward, Danny Rose and Rory Freeman

N&R Conference
1st – Richard Richards £130 + trophy
2nd – Paul & Christian Long $106
3rd – Megan McLeod £60
4th – Rob Munden £50
5th – Alex Byatt £45
6th – Steve Mitchell £40
7th – Greg Foulger £35
8th – Ian Kennett 30

Also promoted: Jack Mann, Andrew Mitchell, Paddy Fyson, Martin Singleton, Dean Goggin, Tony Murray and Nino Cifelli

Best Weekly Score
Winner – Emma Wells £40
Runner Up – Ben Guarino

Worst Weekly Score
Winners – Brian Rutter and Trevor Fairweather £20 each

Golden 22nd Anniversary Place
Winners – John McGowan and William Jackson £25 each

Penultimate Place
Winner – Omar Dixon £30

N&R Team Challenge Trophy
Winner – Harrison Holgate
Runner Up – Miles Smith

N&R Cup
Winner – Paul Hodges £50 + trophy
Runner Up – Keith Read

N&R Premier League Cup
Winner – Keith Read £50
Runner Up – Lee Blackman

N&R Championship League Cup
Winner – Dan Weeks £50
Runner Up – Michael Stout

N&R Conference League Cup
Winner – Andrew Mitchell £50
Runner Up – Ian Kennett

Manager of the Weeks
See separate list below.

N&R Team Challenge – HH hooray

;w=600;h=315Paul and Lee finished off the season in style with claiming the N&R Team Challenge Trophy by almost 200 points. It is Harrison Holgate’s first win and drinking with Paul last week, they were very proud of themselves.

Last year’s winners Miles Smith came from nowhere to finish runners up nipping ahead of previous winners QBE in 3rd.

4th were Generali led by Michael Stout in Munich, with another previous title winner Gravity, who fell from 2nd to 5th during the last month or so. XL Catlin led by Jim Bristow, sorry Francey and Steve Harris finished in a very impressive 6th and the large group of Tokio Marine Property, who broke out alone mid-season came 7th.

AWAC were much improved and ended 8th, RSA 9th and Jelf or Bluefin as they used to be known 10th. The AIG boys were 11th with the NYC/BDA dream team of Aon GBC in 12th.

13th were HDI Gerling with old N&R timers JRP 14th. Marsh came in 15th ahead of Aon Benfield 16th and with the wooden spoon were Tokio Marine Casualty.

MoW winners

32 different managers won fivers or more during the season from N&R Manager of the Week awards.

The big winners were Emma Wells who won the £50 Platinum MoW and James Stiff and Rob Smith who won the two £25 Gold MoW. The manager with the most weekly wins was Paul Long with 3.

Here is a list of the winners. Congrats all.

Dan Weeks £5
John Button £5
Harry McCarthy £10 (2 weeks)
Paul Long £15 (3 weeks)
John McGowan £5
Steve Black £10 (2 weeks)
Peter Clark £5
James Stiff £25 (Gold)
Keith Read £2.50 (shared)
Megan McLeod £2.50 (shared)
Danny Rose £5
Greg Foulger £5
Graham Ward £5
Will Jackson £5
Emma Wells £50 (Platinum)
Martin Singleton £5
Alex Byatt £10 (2 weeks)
Joe Harding £5
Ryan Saveall £5
Barry Plummer £5
Tom Lamb £5
Aaron Barden £5
Simon Newport £5
Rob Smith £25 (Gold)
Richard Brown £5
Ken Cobbett £5
William Knowles £5
Alan Waters £5
Lee Baughan £5
Paul Hodges £5
Steve Harris £5
Lee Horne £5

Golden place – Mac and Jack share

The £50 N&R anniversary prize for the Golden 22nd Place was shared between two N&R Premier League managers John McGowan and Will Jackson. They were joint 22nd out of the 96 managers ending with 1,770 points. Well done lads.

Penultimate Prize – O-my

Omar Dixon picked up the £30 Penultimate Score prize after coming 95th. Dear old Neville White finished bottom of the pile with Stuart Keys scoring 20 more points than Omar.

These were the bottom 5 N&R FL scores:

92. Richard Brown, 1,341 points
93. James Bird, 1,265 points
94. Stuart Keys, 1,203 points
95. Omar Dixon, 1,183 points
96. Neville White, 1,133 points