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21st N&R FL Season

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Nobby & Ready’s 21st season done and dusted with a record points score and managers finishing as low as 31st that in one year past would have won the league.

Every season this league gets harder and more competitive.

But we try to share the prizes around, and this season 49 different managers won a prize of some sort. Keith and I have always tried to keep the N&R FL fresh, and spread prizes out over a whole range of different competitions, with the main prize money reserved for those finishing top of the Premier League. With relatively easy promotion and relegation’s it gives a slightly determined manager every chance to compete for the big bucks, but we reward a whole range of others as well with smaller prizes.

Our first thank you then is to you, our managers. Thank you for the taking part, and the joining in and following this Blog so intently. We have managers from literally all over the world. In Australia, South America, North America and in the good old square mile. You’re an ingenious, bright bunch so we’d like to hear of any ideas you have to improve the N&R FL next season.

In the meantime keep the photos, gossip and emails coming please.

As always Nobby & Ready would like to pay a special thank you to Mark Simmons, who is our master of scoring and statistical analyst. We have said this before but without Mark the N&R FL would not exist, it is as straight forward as that. So many thanks pal, and we look forward to seeing you for a pint or three in July.

Thanks also to David Allen who provides the software for Ready’s Benfleet Bet competition.

If I’m honest, the Blog, which had 10,000 visits this season, is becoming a labour of love and I might not be as committed to it next year. Possibly there will be weeks when we’ll just post the scores and make a few comments. We’ll see..

Finally we hope to see as many of you as possible on July 4th outside the New Moon as always from 5pm for the end of season drink up and prize presentations.

Enjoy your summers.

Nobby & Ready

How the prizes were won

IMG_1507It was Ready who took the biggest prize for the 4th time in the 21st year of Nobby & Ready’s Fantasy League. This is how it all panned out.

N&R Premier League
N&R 2015/16 Champion – Keith Read £325 + coveted N&R FL Champions trophy
Runner Up – Alastair Bigg £225
3rd – Jordan Perry £200
4th – Ben Guarino £160
5th – Ricky Wood £130
6th – Mark Gregory £100
7th – Lee Baughan £67.50
7th – Lee Blackman £67.50

Relegated: Jason Syrett, Simon Ward, Neil Addington, Richard Nathan, Steve Merchant, Graham Ward, Danny Rose, Lee Horne, Peter Godfrey, George Watson, James Stiff, Dan Weeks, Michelle Fudge, Max King and Geoff McCormick

N&R Championship
1st – George Northover £140 + trophy
2nd – Mitesh Patel £90
3rd – John McGowan £65
4th – Steve Harris £50
5th – Stuart Wolstenholme £45
6th – Neil Reynolds £40
7th – Mark Dewberry £35
8th – Paul Hodges’s £30

Also promoted: Richard Carpanen, Richard Brown, Luke Sloan, Peter Clark, Jack Whalley, Nick Kociuba and Mark Simmons

Relegated: Emma Wells, Jack Mann, Rob Munden, Omar Dixon, Martin Singleton, Greg Foulger, Andi Turner, Trevor Fairweather, Andrew Mitchell, Soozie Saveall, Alan Oakley, Chris Minchell, Chris Wright, Ray Legg and Ian Kennett

N&R Conference
1st – Daniel Duboux £140 + trophy
2nd – Mark Sterry £90
3rd – Ashley Blake £65
4th – Ken Cobbett £50
5th – John Button £45
6th – Joe Harding £40
7th – Harry McCarthy £35
8th – Steve Johnson 30

Also promoted: Rob Smith, Duncan Gorton, Oliver Robinson, William Knowles, Ian France, Michael Stout, Tony Martin

Best Weekly Score

Winner – Ryan Saveall £40
Runner Up – Ken Cobbett

Worst Weekly Score
Winner – Mark Dewberry and Tony Murray shared £20 each

Golden 21st Anniversary Place
Winner – Stuart Wolstenholme £50

Penultimate Place
Winner – Ian Kennett £30

Benfleet Bet
Winner –  Jordan Perry wins trophy
Runner Up – James Bird

Best Original Pick
Winner –  Alastair Bigg £30

N&R Team Challenge Trophy
Winner – Miles Smith wins a trophy
Runner Up – Harrison Holgate

N&R Cup
Winner – Neil Reynolds wins trophy
Runner Up – George Northover

N&R Premier League Cup
Winner – Keith Read £50
Runner Up – Peter Godfrey

N&R Championship League Cup
Winner – Stuart Wolstenholme £50
Runner Up – Emma Wells

N&R Conference League Cup
Winner – Oliver Robinson £50
Runner Up – Harry McCarthy

Manager of the Weeks
Robert Smith x1.5 (1 gold) £32.50
George Northover x3.5 (1 gold) £42.50
Andrew Mitchell x1 (Platinum) £50
Ashley Blake x0.5 £2.50
Ben Guarino x0.5 £2.50
Keith Read x1 £5
Neil Reynolds x1.5 £7.50
Alastair Bigg x0.5 £2.50
John Button x2 £10
Luke Sloan x1 £5
Mitesh Patel x1 £5
Ken Cobbett x1 £5
Rory Freeman x1 £5
Mark Sterry x2 £10
Martin Singleton x0.5 £2.50
Mark Dewberry x2 £10
Richard Nathan x1 £5
Neil Addington x0.5 £2.50
Stuart Wolstenholme x1 £5
Jason Syrett x1 £5
Lee Baughan x1 £5
Graham Ward x1 £5
George Watson x1 £5
Steve Harris x2 £10
Ryan Saveall x1 £5
Simon Ward x1 £5
Paddy Fyson x1 £5
Danny Rose x0.5 £2.50
Harry McCarthy x1 £5
Michael Stout x0.5 £2.50
Alan Waters x1 £5
Paul Hodges x 2 £10

Opta Nobs

We love a good stat, and with complete thanks to our statistician Mark Simmons, here are several. Enjoy.

As of the end of the season the most commonly picked players were:

Sanchez was in 49 teams
Aguero 44
Alli 44
Costa 41
Hazard 40
Alonso 37
Lukaku 29
Cook 24
de Gea 22
Kane 21
Snodgrass 21

Incredibly for yonks, the most selected player, Wayne Rooney, wasn’t in anybodies team throughout the whole season!

The most commonly picked teams were

CHE 170
TOT 140
MCY 115
ARS 98
EVE 75
MUN 73
LIV 58

So the top 3 were in the same order as the actual Premiership. However the 3 least picked teams which one would expect to be the 3 relegated teams were actually:

SUN 16
BUR 14

Altogether in the Daily Telegraph Fantasy League there were 690 Premier League players to chose from, although 157 never made an appearance, and Mings of Bournemouth had the misfortune of ending the season with the lowest cumulative score of -5. In total these players scored 32,340 points.

In our 3 leagues there were 181 different players being used at the end of the season.

Although we know that Sav got the highest weekly score of 126, what has not been disclosed is that the lowest weekly score, when there were 2 or more games played, was in week 25 when Mark Dewberry and Tony Murray both just got 1 point.

We will attach to the final email a spreadsheet that shows the top, bottom and average scores for each of the three leagues as well as the overall situation for the past 3 seasons. Last year every league did better than the year before. This year the N&R Premier League did even better than last year, the N&R Championship did worse and amazingly the top bottom and average scores in the N&R Conference were identical to last season.

However overall we are doing better with the highest score going up from 1,574 to 1,815 and now 1,838. Two years ago the average that was just 1,287, rising to 1,461 last year and 1,517 this year. Also in 2014-15 there were 4 teams that failed to hit the magic 1,000. Last year and this year just the 1.

And although Ready won the league with 1,838. It was possible to get 2,122 with the following team with no transfers:

G Courtois, CHE, 3.8m, 152 points
D Alonso, CHE, 3.8m, 180
D Cahill, CHE, 4.1m, 182
D Cook, BOU, 2.2m, 95
M Alli, TOT, 5m, 237
M Sanchez, ARS, 6m, 280
M Eriksen, TOT, 5.2m, 230
M Snodgrass, WHM, 3.6m, 142
M Pedro, CHE, 4.9m 177
S Heung-Min, TOT, 4.6m, 195
S Kane, TOT, 6.8m, 252
Total spend 50.0m. Total points 2,122

And finally if we banned transfers and you had to stick with the team you selected before the season started, then the title would have been won by Alastair Bigg. For that Alastair picks up a prize of £30.

Team Challenge Trophy – Miles Smith by a mile

Miles SmithN&R Team Challenge Trophy

Miles Smith went back to the top of the N&R Team Challenge Trophy Table just in time to collect the silverware they first won in 2013. Miles Smith pushed Harrison Holgate back into the Runners Up spot. Paul and Lee had led just a few weeks ago.

Gravity, winners two years ago, finished 3rd with their very impressively put together fantasy team, in 4th were new boys Generali, consisting of Michael in Munich and Ken in London.

XL Catlin with kudos to Jim Bristow came in 5th, QBE led by George’s great season were 6th and Bluefin 7th.

AWAC had their highest finish ever, probably because Richard wasn’t there. They came the 8th ahead of AIG with Alastair the stand out player. In 10th were Tokio, who carry a big roster, so that was an impressive finishing place. Aon Benfield led the broking community in 11th, HDI Gerling were 12th and RSA 13th.

Aspen came in 14th with Neil and Sheps at Liberty in 15th. The BDA and NYC Aon duo were down in 16th and Allianz 17th.

The Lloyds boys JRP were 18th, which is a poor return for Dan and Godders. Below them in 19th was JLT then came Marsh and with the wooden spoon Mitsui.

Thank you to all of the teams and congratulations to Miles Smith, in what was our largest ever Team Challenge Trophy competition.

Team Challenge Hall of Fame

Miles Smith add themselves to the list of companies that have won the N&R Team Challenge Trophy. The 2nd time Miles Smith have been victors, and incidentally the 4th time Keith has won it at 4 different companies!

Here is a full list:

Team Challenge Winners
2016/17 Miles Smith – Ready, Sloan, Brown, Baughan, Mann
2015/16 Towergate – Watson, Patey
2014/15 Gravity – Wood, Gregory, Lamb, Perry, Harding
2013/14 QBE – Wright, Legg, Cobbett, Nash
2012/13 Miles Smith – Baughan, Sloan
2011/12 RSA – Foulger, Cassell
2010/11 QBE – Wright, Richards
2009/10 Bluefin – Ready, Saveall
2008/09 Willis – Baillie, Sheron, Kennett
2007/08 BMS – Wenman, Reddy
2006/07 Layton Blackham – Ready, Saveall, Thomas
2005/06 AIG – Waterman, France, Dewberry, Barwick, Higgs, Ryan.
2004/05 Marsh – Simmons, Doyle
2003/04 Marsh – Simmons, Doyle
2002/03 Allianz – Jenkins, Day
2001/02 Avon – Godfrey, Rose
2000/01 HSBC – Waters, Murrell, Ready

RIP John Noakes

Get down Shep. Sad news to hear this morning. John Noakes was a brilliant presenter who put his life (literally, see video) and soul into his art. And he always seemed like was about to swear any minute. RIP John.

Guardian Obituary.

End of season prize giving drinks date

A provisional date for your diary for the end of season drinks in the City.

Please pencil Tuesday, July 4th 5pm into your diaries. More to follow.