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Ready’s Benfleet Bet Quarter Final Update



BenfleetAn Arsenal victory at Old Trafford which many of you predicted, Villa amazingly scored and bore draws at Bradford and Liverpool which would have had the bookies refunding losing bets.

Godders has gone to the top of the table with a 8 point haul which was joint second highest of the round. Amazingly a FEMALE joint top scored with 9 points! I am assuming Mrs Sav wrote her scores down incorrectly. Peter Clark was the other joint top score. Singleton banged in an 8 whilst the next best were George Watson, Jonathon Poole, Steve Black, Lee Horne and Dan Weeks with 5. Embarrassingly there were 12 of us (the dirty dozen?) including myself who did a UK/Eurovision and scored Nil points.

At the other end of the table Mark Sterry remains bottom of those who have submitted scores for every round and just a handful of points above him are The Sav’s and Danny Rose although Mrs S managed to put clear light between her and her now emasculated hubby.

The fixtures for the semi finals will be out later this week but I will need to include Liverpool or Blackburn as they do not replay their game until the 8th April when I will be away on my holidays. You can however include scores for both options.


Current Benfleet Bet after 6 Rounds is:

1= Peter Godfrey 142 points
2. Alex Boswell 140
3= Neville White 136
3= Nobby 136
5. George Watson 132
6= Ben Guarino 127
6= Peter Clark 127
8. Barry Paull 125
9. Richard Nathan 123
10. Dan Weeks 122
11. Monkey Harris 120
12= Jonathon Poole 119
12= Mark Dewberry 119
13. Huw Thomas 118
14. Neil Bixby 117
15= Jordan Perry 115
15= Alan Oakley 115
15= Martin Singleton 115
18. Steve Black 114
19= Lee Horne 112
19= Mark Gregory 112
21= Neil Addington 111
21= Joe Harding 111
23. Mark Simmons 108
24= Lee Blackman 106
24= John McGowan 106
26= Graham Ward 105
26= Jason Syrett 105
27. Andi Turner 104 (no 5th round scores submitted)
28= Tom Lamb 103
28= Ready 103
28= Ian France 103
31= Peter Doyle 102
31= Nick McCayna 102
33. James Stiff 101
34= Barry Plummer 100
34= Mrs Sav 100
36. Danny Rose 94
37. Mr Sav 90
38. Mark Sterry 86


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