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N&R League Cup Finals Results



16572959-big-pile-of-money-isolated-on-white-dollar-versionDrum roll please…. the results of the Premier League, Championship and Conference N&R League Cup Finals played out in week 30. £40 for each winner.

N&R Premier League League Cup Final
Luke Sloan 37-37 Graham Ward

Would you adam and eve it? A tie, so Luke and Graham will replay in week 32 (this weekend coming).

N&R Championship League Cup Final
Nick Kociuba 52-60 Stuart Wolstenholme

Stuart delivered as his favourite status suggested he would, but it was close. Congrats to Stuart and commiserations to Nick.

N&R Conference League Cup Final
George Watson 55-64 Max King

And the prize winnings will be going across the Atlantic to Max after he beat George by 9 points. Unlucky George, but well done to Max, who will receive at the end of the season the prize in greenbacks.


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