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Groans from Sloan



N&R Premier League – week 32

Top 4 unchanged with Home and De Gea 20 points ahead of Moral Hazard. Woody’s Round Up and The Sloan Ranger swap place – Luke’s lowest position since week 1.

Not a good time to be falling down the table and we would think that anyone in the current 12 or 13 could have a say in the top 8 prize places. But only the top 4 are battling for the ultimate N&R Premier League title.

From 16th down where Godders’ What does your wife really think you do when she’s out shopping sit, then you may be looking down, and there has been a fair amount of activity in the relegation zone.

This week we have 3 teams – Sonny Eriksen, Tekkerslovakia and Brighton Blues all occupying the last drop place. Algarve Eagles are out of the poop again.

Looking at the bottom 13, only we think Drog Addicts, Bordertown Bears, Monster Smash, There’s only 2 Danny Rose’s and Dalton Worblers look lost causes.


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