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Order the trophy!



N&R Championship – week 36

A long, long lead for Sticky Toffees. I should get that trophy to the engravers so if they make a mistake again this year, we can get it changed!

The top 8 look up, although the battle for the prize money is still on with Anfield Bites Back, Never mind My Skinny Legs, Whoop it up me Sailor, Atletico Hoxton and Sir Tom Finney all in close contention.

Bale Madrid looks the most at risk with Borussia Teeth close behind, but This is My Year and To Elland Back have plenty of work to do.

Of course the bottom 13 go down and I would say that the teams 22nd and below are gone. Nice Tan and Chicago Addick need to find a Leicester-like inspiration from somewhere and AMEXican Wave, Twins 88 and Lamb to the slaughter still have much to do to escape the dreaded drop to the lower reaches.


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