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So close we can smell it



indexN&R Premier League – week 37

Now, this is what it is all about. A real Tom Cruise jump up on the sofa moment. Look at the top of the N&R Premier League. 4 points between the top 3 and just 3 weeks left. Once again the best, and the original football fantasy league for (re)insurance professionals and assorted hangers on delivers. BOOM!

1. Home and De Gea 1,426 points
2= Guinness & eggs 1,422 points
2= Moral Hazard 1,422 points

Three underwriters, two from London and one from the United States. Who said that underwriters don’t understand the analytical psychology of assumptions and, er, football.

2Infinity & beyond, a reinsurance underwriter, and one with a personality as well, is 4th and, blimey, another underwriter, at least that’s what it says here, Woody’s Round Up, in 5th.

6th, 7th and 8th come the brokers, lagging behind as usual, probably stuffed full of lamb bhuna, a family sized naan and 8 Cobra’s. Loads of Roubles, Hannoi Utd and The Sloan Rangers.

Watch Ready by the way, he is finishing very strongly, and also has access to all of the teams and still has 21 transfers left. My money’s on him.


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