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Monster from Dewbs



Manager of the Week – week 37

Dewbs collected his 4th MoW of the season in week 37. Great achievement for the manager who was relegated to the N&R Conference last season and will in all probability bounce back as league winner. 46 points for Mark.

Another man who has had a stand out season, another one in fact, is Matt Pini, who was 2nd best player in week 37 with 45 points.

Bingo and Nobby (best weekly score for 14 weeks) scored 43, Ben G and Steve Merchant 42 and Razor, Michelle, Andi and Emma 40.

39 valuable points for Geoff (commiserations to the Darts mate), Godders, Dan Weeks and 38 for Steve Black, Plumms, Ray Legg, Ian Kennett and Tim Harris.

Week 37’s lowest score was 9 with both Paul Collins and Doyley ‘achieving’ it.


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