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A big thank you from Ian Kennett (nutter)



Marathon medalDear All,

Some six months ago I embarked on four challenges; all conducted to raise money for the amazing charity that is Walking with the Wounded – supporting our injured service personnel back to work.

1. 23 December 2014 – the ‘Walk home for Christmas’ 70 miles from London to Folkestone
2. 31 January 2015 – the Pilgrim Challenge – 66 miles over 2 days across the North Downs Way
3. April 5th – 10th 2015 – the ‘Main Event’ -the 30th Marathon Des Sables; 250km in 6 days across the Moroccan Sahara as part of the WWTW team
4. April 26th 2015 – The London Marathon

I just wanted to thank you all for your generous support in all of these endeavours. Both financially and in all the messages you have sent before, during and after the various events.

Thank you to all my friends, the old school friends and ladies from the ‘Dukie days’, The Dukies Association, the Old Boys Memorial Rugby teams, to the insurers and other people who I have had the pleasure of doing business with over the years, to my colleagues (and former colleagues), to my rugby club mates and all those associated with Folkestone RFC, to the RRF Association (SE Kent Branch) and of course my family (despite constant, unfair comparisons to the grey bearded Graham Norton!)

The lengths some people have gone to are incredible, donating for auction; old school scarves, rugby tickets, concert tickets, golf days, paintings, contributions from the sale of commemorative rugby shirts and allowing me to rattle the buckets at various events.

VictoriousYour donations have raised nearly £9,000 including gift aid for this incredible charity – thank you, you are all stars! There is still more coming in and I know the £10,000 barrier will be broken very soon.

I have had an amazing adventure accompanied by some amazing and inspiring people; taking me from the most desolate stretch of the A20 in December to the snowy and muddy North Downs Way in January, to the sands and jebels of the Sahara where the temperature hit 51 degrees and finally to the streets of London and a new personal best (ok it was only my second marathon but I did it in 4:12.23 and as so many of you kindly point out I only have little legs!).

Thank you again, from me, and on behalf of Walking with the Wounded.

I’m off to put my feet up, although someone has mentioned another challenge to me so who knows?

Regards, Ian


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