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Best Original Team Pick



This is a prize that Nobby & Ready brought in last season and £30 goes to the manager whose original first selection of players would have scored the most points over the 42-week season if no transfers were allowed.

Interestingly the top 3 scores using the original picks were from managers who each played in the N&R Conference, which showed quite honestly the quality of many of the new players that joined the N&R FL this season.

These were the top 5 point scorers if no transfers were allowed:

1. Joe Harding 1,402 points
2. Mark Dewberry 1,366 points
3. Max King 1,344 points
4. Alastair Bigg 1,333 points
5. Geoff McCormack 1,327 points

Congratulations to Best Original Team Picker Joe Harding on winning the £30 and a spreadsheet with a table listing all of the points totals with no transfers will be attached to the email sent out.


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