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Welcome to the 20th season of N&R FL



c45b3cfb6fd5a60f781bfb545f5d91e4Welcome to the new N&R FL season – the most significant and erudite fantasy football league for insurance and reinsurance professionals and assorted hangers-on in, probably, the world.

96 managers from 11 different cities have signed up for our 20th season of competition. A competition that started with just 8 teams. We welcome 17 new managers to the league and one that has come back to us after a little sojourn.

The N&R FL will be split into three divisions – N&R Premier League, N&R Championship and N&R Conference with 32 teams in each. There were promotion’s and relegation’s that stand from last season, although we did make the odd adjustment to make the league’s work out, so a couple of teams got rescued and a couple got pushed up. All of the new boys start in the N&R Conference.

At the end of the 2015/16 season 15 teams will get relegated from the N&R Premier League and 15 promoted from the N&R Championship. Two teams will stay where they are and 15 will be relegated to the N&R Conference, to be replaced by the top 15 teams from there.

There are a whole host of prizes including Manager of the Week (MoW), which will again include two Golden MoW’s and one 20th season special Platinum MoW.

The much sought after Team Challenge Trophy, N&R Cup, three N&R League Cups, Benfleet Bet and many others will all continue. Oh, and there is a prize given at the end of the season to the manager that picked the best XI before the season began.

The rules are the same as the Daily Telegraph, and are listed here. The important thing to remember about transfers is that you only have 12 maximum and the weekly deadline is 5pm on a Tuesday for them to take affect that same week.

The weekly scores will be sent out as soon as possible after they are released by the Daily Telegraph subject to day jobs and travel etc. Everything else will appear on This Blog and it’s what you need to bookmark for all of the weekly news, views and complete random thoughts.

Over on the left there is a whole list of links that should help you in your quest of N&R FL glory plus some excellent toilet reading. Clicking on the photos may be bad for your health however!

Ready and I can be contacted at anytime, our details are listed within the Rules tab at the top of the page.

We welcome all kinds of comments, significant news personal, professional or otherwise and of course we love a bit of gossip.

Welcome again and the very best of luck to each one of you. Enjoy the season.

Nobby & Ready


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