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Knock me down with a Fairweather



Manager of the Week – Week 1

The one manager out of the 96 that picked Leicester’s Marc Albrighton also happened to be the first week’s MoW. Trevor Fairweather scored 48 points to make him the first leader of the 20th season of the N&R FL. A fiver has been banked for Trev.

Ian Kennett, always quick out of the blocks, was 2nd with 47, Rob Munden 3rd with 46, Davor 4th with 43 and Alex Byatt, Mark Gregory, Max King and Nobby all 5th with 42.

Reigning champ Steve Black scored 26. Runner up Ben Guarino scored 27. The highest score from a new manager was Teddie Bailey with 39, and week 1’s lowest score of 14 was shared by old timer (in a fantasy sense) Soozie Saveall and new boy Ben Kinsella.

Finally the Golden 20th Place first occupants are Matt Pini, Mark Wenman and Tony Murray.


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