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Nobby’s week 2 in review



imageFriday night football?! What is that about. Well Villa lost so it is very similar to Saturday football I suppose.

Liverpool struggled to beat Bournemouth on Monday, likewise Arsenal with Palaca on Sunday.

Can’t say the same about Man C who strolled to victory over Chelsea. Not sure who’s fault it was this week Jose.

Everton had a big win at Southampton, Swansea beat Newcastle 2-0, Leicester won away at West Ham, Spurs threw away a 2-0 lead over Stoke and Watford were unlucky again at home to WBA. Unlucky Watford…. hmm, has a ring to it. Bit like crappy Sunderland….

Premier League – Friday 14th August
Aston V 0-1 Man Utd

Premier League – Saturday 15th August

Southampton 0-3 Everton
Tottenham 2-2 Stoke
Swansea 2-0 Newcastle
Watford 0-0 WBA
West Ham 1-2 Leicester
Sunderland 1-3 Norwich

Premier League – Sunday 16th August

Man C 3-0 Chelsea
Crystal Palace 1-2 Arsenal

Premier League – Monday 17th August

Liverpool 1-0 Bournemouth


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