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N&R Championship League Cup 1st Round



The ties for the 1st Round of the N&R Championship League Cup were played over week 4. This is what happened:

Lee Blackman 29-24 P&C Long
Mark Sterry 12-29 Huw Thomas
Emma Wells 38-40 Barry Paull
Dan Duboux 41-30 Nobby
Ken Cobbett 31-36 Joe Harding
Davor Duvancic 43-36 Jordan Perry
James Stiff 37-39 Aaron Barden
Peter Doyle 32-35 Ian France
Neville White 37-39 Simon Ward
Ryan Saveall 48-44 Michelle Fudge
Tom Lamb 37-35 Will Jackson
Neil Bixby 43-30 Mark Dewberry
John Hardiman 51-40 Jason Syrett
Alan Oakley 17-39 Danny Rose
Max King 54-47 George Watson
Dan Weeks 37-28 Mark Wenman

A couple of close encounters. Tom Lamb pipped Will Jackson 37-35, Aaron beat James Stiff 39-37, Barry Paull also beat Emma Wells by two points and the Bingo did likewise away to Nev White.

Francey beat Doyley 35-32, Jordan beat Davor by 3 points and Lee Blackman slipped past Paul Long.

The highest scoring game was between last season’s winner Max King and George Watson, both promoted last season, with Max winning 54-47. Nobby went out at the first time of asking to Dan Duboux.

There were no replays necessary so the 16 winners go in the hat for the 2nd Round.


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