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What’s in a team name?



97 team names, some snappy, some well thought out, some pulled from the sky, some meaningless, some meaningful.

The major theme to this year’s team’s were player’s names. This has crept in during the past couple of seasons and but this season managers got creative, but by our reckoning 19 teams have used Premier League players in their monikers.

The most convoluted (and longest to type) being Andi’s We have Alder(timeinthe)weireld. The most simple and effective being Tom’s In Good Kompany. We had pyjamas and pajamas mentioned twice depending on your Oxford Dictionary. Both Adam Lallana and Victor Wanyama were honoured with N&R FL names.

Ben kept his Moral Hazard title as did Tim with Bale Madrid. Paul went for To be Coutinhoed, Jason picked Cech Mates, Rory dreamt up I Götze no idea, Robert offered up The Hurri-Kane Heroes and Chris chose Alexis on Fire. We did like Stu’s Benteke Fried Chicken, Mark’s Blind leading the Blind, Mark’s Walking in Memphis and Wenners’ My Dreams are in a Sakho and Ashley went one better by managing to include two players in his sweet Chocolate Ba’s & Corn Eto’o tag.

Some old pro’s have not been forgotten. Oakers stays on the Didier theme with Drog Free and Lee repeats What a load of Ballacks. Martin reminds us of PNE’s promotion day with That Beckford Wembley Hat Trick but our ultimate favourite is the very clever Ctrl Alt De Laet from Jordan.

A couple of managers get incorporated. Max goes again for the Special One 2.0, Bix picked Bilic or Bust and Burton boss JimmyFloydBottleBank got included by George.

Old N&R FL favourites included Boys on tour, The No-Hopers, Hannoi Utd, Loads of Roubles, The Lollygagging Millionaires, Monster Smash, Lovejoys, Keep the faith, Muddy’s Mavericks, To Elland Back, 2Inifinty & beyond, Guinness & eggs and Goonersmoan.

This year’s Kennett Life of Brian quote was If it’s not done by sunrise I’ll cut your balls off and William remembered (we think) Ron Burgundy with By the Beard of Zeus.

This year’s Ginger theme from our favourite Ginger Rabbit was Ginger Academicals. we always look forward to those. Talking of rabbits, Chris’ Little Rabbit Foo Foo raised some questions as did Omar’s Walcocks and Dewbs’ Tamagotchi Nights.

There was another theme this season and that was British Paralympian swimmer Ellie Simmonds. Luke, Lee, Jack and Richard all incorporated her in their team names and Ready hasn’t a clue why.

Finally two managers played on the N&R FL 20th season. Nobby picked 20 years of hurt whilst Danny had us all smiling with Flo’s Army 2015, the original name of the first ever N&R Champions.


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