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Double trouble



imagesN&R Conference – Week 8

Twins88 reclaim top spot of the N&R Conference after a month’s break. If it’s not done by sunrise I’ll cut your balls off drop to 2nd 8 points behind.

To Elland Back stay 3rd and Monkey’s Chimps rise to 4th. In the 5th place and overall Golden 20th Place are Where’s Whalley. 6th is Chocolate Ba’s & Corn Eto’o, 7th Lallanas in Pyjamas and 8th The No Hopers, who gave everyone hope by climbing 11 places up the table.

Lovejoys fell to 10th from 4th and I Götze no idea move from 22nd to 15th.

Both The Lollygagging Millionaires and Johno’s Lions were big droppers, Johno down 10 spots. Cobblers remain bottom.


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