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Monkey business



chimpThomasLerschN&R Conference – Week 11

A new leader in week 11. Monkey’s Chimps go top after a stunning MoW performance and hurdle Twins 88 and Alexis on Fire. And stop, no, really, Kennett’s If it’s not done by sunrise I’ll cut your balls off
are back up to 2nd. Unbelievable Jeff.

To Elland Back remain in 5th, Chocolate Ba’s & Corn Eto’s are in 6th. Where’s Whalley climb one but Lallanas in Pyjamas fall to 8th.

Kinsella’s 11 move up 8 places to 10th, I Götze no idea move up 6th to 12th. JimmyFloydBottleBank and Are you Ellie Simmonds in disguise both slip out of the top 15.

Muddy’s Mavericks drop a bit further but the bottom 5 stay unchanged with Cobblers propping them up.


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