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N&R Cup 2nd Round Results



N&R CupIt was N&R Cup 2nd Round week in week 18. There were some close calls and two matches will have to go to replays. Congratulations to the derby winners and if you need a spare bed Ryan, Ready will look after you.

Here you go. The 32 winners will go into the hat with the remaining 32 managers to take part in the 3rd Round, which will be the same weekend as FA Cup 3rd Rd – look out for the draw.

N&R Cup 2nd Rd
Ben Kinsella 38-32 Michelle Fudge
Michael Stout 20-20 Ian France**
Soozie Saveall 22-24 Ryan Saveall
Luke Sloan 16-22 Dan Keehan
Alan Oakley 27-12 John Hardiman
Huw Thomas 8-53 Matt Pini
Jonathan Poole 19-29 Teddie Bailey
Paul Hodges 34-50 Jack Mann
Megan McLeod 21-18 Andy Dewar
Dan Duboux 21-12 Mark Sterry
Duncan Gorton 30-34 Emma Wells
Steve Merchant 32-17 Alastair Bigg
Mitesh Patel 25-44 Tom Lamb
Joe Harding 32-34 Jack Whalley
Richard Brown 27-43 Chris Wright
Ray Legg 28-38 Ben Guarino
Stephen Johnson 37-19 Alex Byatt
Chris Minchell 28-23 Russell Goldsmith
Rob Munden 19-35 Martin Singleton
Stuart Wolstenholme 37-37 William Knowles**
Geoff McCormick 40-25 Andrew Mitchell
Danny Rose 23-34 Peter Godfrey
Neil Reynolds 23-29 Paul Collins
Richard Carpanen 33-17 Brian Rutter
Lee Blackman 43-40 Will Jackson
Peter Doyle 14-23 Peter Clark
James Stiff 33-39 Ashley Blake
Andi Turner 17-10 Tony Murray
Barry Paull 43-30 Alan Waters
George Northover 28-24 Mark Dewberry
Simon Ward 27-30 Ken Cobbett
Mark Simmons 17-36 Trevor Fairweather

** Replays will be over week 20.


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