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N&R Cup 3rd Round Draw



N&R Cup10 past midnight, the missus had rejected my New Year’s Day advances so I thought I’d make the N&R Cup 3rd Round Draw. I could just about see.

64 teams, 32 of you that survived from the 2nd Round and Steve Merchant, who started it all off in the 1st Round. Well done sir.

This is the draw to place this coming FA Cup weekend, week 23.

N&R Cup 3rd Round Draw:
Steve Johnson v Jack Whalley
Steve Merchant v Dan Keehan
Matt Pini v Emma Wells
Ashley Blake v Jason Syrett
Lee Baughan v Greg Foulger
Mark Gregory v Ricky Wood
Lee Horne v George Watson
Paul Long v Lee Blackman
Trevor Fairweather v Peter Clark
Peter Godfrey v George Northover
Ryan Saveall v Richard Carpanen
Martin Singleton v Tom Lamb
Dan Duboux v Ben Kinsella
Tim Harris v Rory Freeman
Steve Black v Aaron Barden
Neville White v Chris Minchell
Geoff McCormick v Mark Wenman
Richard Nathan v Jordan Perry
Nobby v Paul Collins
Max King v Ready
Michael Stout v Barry Plummer
Nicholas Kociuba v Chris Wright
Ben Guarino v Ken Cobbett
Meghan McLeod v Stuart Wolstenholme
Dan Weeks v Davor Duvancic
Alan Oakley v Jack Mann
Luke Patey v Graham Ward
Omar Dixon v John Button
Andi Turner v Steve Harris
Teddie Bailey v Barry Paull
Neil Bixby v Neil Addington
Robert Smith v John McGowan

Straight away two big ties jump out at me like a roly poly gram. Gregory v Wood. What a cracker and top of the table clash Patey v G Ward.

There are some other great clashes too. Remember all games to played this coming weekend, week 23.

Good luck to all.


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