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Opta Nobs – Blog stats



cropped-image1.jpgThis is the sort of thing at my age that gives me a warm feeling down below.

WordPress have produced some stats for 2015’s Nobby & Ready Blog and it makes interesting reading. Well at least to me!

Here we go.

  • The Blog had 10,624 page views in 2015.
  • This was up by 14% on the year before
  • There were 461 posts written in 2015. That is an average of 1.25 a day!
  • The Blog weirdly was read in 39 countries. Understandably everywhere we have a manager situated and many from Poland, but also from places such as Cambodia, Russia, Turkey, New Zealand and Sweden!
  • The most read post in 2015 continued to be our tribute to Paul Maynard with a similarly sad post about Malcolm Rutter the next most read.
  • The most popular link clicked on was the Physio Room.

Thanks to all of you for taking the time out to read the Blog. I enjoy doing it and get a lot of satisfaction from you guys reading it.


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