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Manager of the Week – Week 23

Davor, my favourite Serbian guerrilla warfare undercover operative, came up trumps in week 23 top scoring with 49 points, one more than Ken Cobbett. Kennett keeps on going with a 47 followed by Johno and Wenners on 43.

Paul Collins scored 42, Steve Harris and Danny Rose 41.

The lowest week’s score was owned by Tony Murray who now takes the mantle of the season’s worst weekly score:

Top 8 Worst Weekly Scores:
1. Ian Kennett, week 23, 2 points
2. Ashley Blake, week 23, 6 points
3. Paul Collins, week 8, 7 points
4= Huw Thomas, week 18, 8 points
4= Robert Smith, week 23, 8 points
6= Robert Smith, week 9, 9 points
6= Paul Collins, week 9, 9 points
6= Davor Duvancic, week 16, 9 points


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