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Who is the real Robert Smith?



indexA new N&R FL series. Did you know there was another one of you? Oh yes, there invariably is.

Does Robert Smith work at Tokio Marine Kiln in the UK Property & Liability department or is he the lead singer, guitarist, lyricist and principal songwriter of the band The Cure?

Robert Smith helped form The Cure in 1976 and they produced absolutely wonderful music such as The Walk, The Love Cats, Let’s Go To Bed, Boys Don’t Cry and Lullaby.

Robert Smith was born in Blackpool but lived mostly in Crawley, East Sussex and is 56 years old. Smith began sporting his trademark and cult style of smeared red lipstick, eye-liner, pale complexion, artfully dishevelled black hair, black clothes and trainers in the early 1980s and can still be seen with the same look.

Smith is married to Mary Theresa Poole whom he met in drama class at school in Crawley. They have no kids.


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