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N&R Cup 4th Round



N&R CupWeek 29 has been chosen for the next round of the most famous insurance, or insurance related fantasy football cup competition in the world. Yes, the N&R Cup. I screwed up 32 names, put them in my trouser pocket and asked the busty, but soft handed, girl from claims to pull them out one by one. This is what happened:

N&R Cup 4th Round draw
Ken Cobbett v Nicholas Kociuba
Jason Syrett v Ryan Saveall
Jordan Perry v Mark Wenman
Ready v Tim Harris
Davor Duvancic v George Northover
Peter Clark v Neville White
Martin Singleton v Barry Paull
Greg Foulger v Barry Plummer
Lee Horne v Graham Ward
Emma Wells v Steve Harris
Steve Merchant v Alan Oakley
Aaron Barden v Steve Johnson
Ben Kinsella v Omar Dixon
Megan McLeod v Neil Bixby
John McGowan v Lee Blackman
Ricky Wood v Paul Collins

Some great clashes. The all RSA tie between Ben and Omar sticks out and how about the brother-in-law face-off between Ryan and Jason?

Greg Foulger at home to Barry Plummer has all the makings as does the old school clash between Singleton and Paull. Ready is drawn at home to Tim Harris in a top of the Premier League match.

N&R Cup holder Ricky Wood is at home to Paul Collins.

All the ties will be played over the FA Cup weekend, this coming week 29.


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