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Will Boomerang not turn around?



monty-python-s-life-of-brianN&R Premier League – Week 28

The question with 12 weeks left is will anyone catch BMS Boomerang?

The mostly likely challengers are Hannoi Utd and Sticky Toffees, who both have experience of winning N&R Leagues. It is like Leicester with Man City and Arsenal in their wake.

We are the Darts and Tanks Tinkering Tankers may just have too much work to do, but our interest is peaked at the next three sides. FFC 4Ever, Bale Madrid and notorious quick finisher and current N&R FL Champion Guinness & eggs all each have a collection of transfers available.

This could still get interesting, although BMS Boomerang is certainly in pole position.

Addington Bares, Woody’s Round Up, Walking in Memphis, Moral Hazard, Atletico Hoxton and Legg’s XI should all have ambitions of a top 8 finish but for the remainder we would hesitate a guess that is a relegation battle.

We hate to say it, and we would have to check when the last time this happened, but Loads of Roubles look like they may be playing in the 2nd tier of N&R FL next season. That Beckford Wembley Hat Trick, Patelanators, Glorious Gunners and Your Just a Fat Ellie Simmonds also look doomed.

But from We have Alder(timeinthe)weireld up, there looks like there is still hope.


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