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Who is the real Peter Godfrey?



originalA new N&R FL series. Did you know there was another one of you? Oh yes, there invariably is.

Is Peter Godfrey an experienced Property underwriter at JRP’s Lloyd Syndicate, noted Market elder statesman and Budweiser connoisseur or was he a notable English actor and film director?

Godders began his career as a conjuror, clown, actor and director in repertory theatres around the United Kingdom. But he became dissatisfied with the standard repertory so he and his wife, the actress Molly Veness, rented a room in Floral Street, Covent Garden, which they were forced to run as a private club (eh, eh) since London City Council refused to grant a licence for their “theatre.”

Mr & Mrs Godders opened the Gate Theatre Studio on 30 October 1925, and established it’s reputation with a production staged in 1926 of Georg Kaiser’s From Morn to Midnight, London’s first expressionistic production. In 1927 the theatre club moved to Villiers Street, where it reached the peak of its success in the 1930-31 season. A bit like Charlton Athletic.

Godders directed two British films in the early 1930s and moved to New York in 1937, where he continued to write and produce plays. In 1939, now in Hollywood, he took up directing more permanently and by the late 1940s Godfrey was a prominent director, working on films such as the Errol Flynn vehicles Cry Wolf and Escape Me Never. In the 1950s he switched to television and directed episodes for a variety of shows. He sadly nowhere near The New Moon in Hollywood in 1970.


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