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Who are the best 20 teams?



With 7 PL games left plus the 3 games in the FA Cup to play out we thought this would be a good time to look at the current prize challengers. Please remember that only the winner of the N&R Premier League can be crowned N&R FL Champion and this year we are on course for the winner of that to not have the highest overall score, which would be a first, which shows the fantasy quality we have around these days.

However the winners of the N&R Championship and the N&R FL Conference also pick up silverware. And if you look at the tables the coloured spots in them represent price monies of various amounts, although the larger winnings are in the Premier League. The N&R FL has had a pyramid system since it went to a promotion and relegation basis in 2004. And with large opportunities for moving up and down the leagues, those that thrive in the bottom rung can soon get to challenge or the big(ger) bucks and the overall accolade of N&R FL Champion.

So, who are those challengers and how do the best players in the different leagues fare? Below we have listed the top 20 best teams overall. In red is the current N&R title leader and in black are the leaders of their respective leagues. In Gold is the team who is in the Golden 20th spot. A prize to celebrate 20 years of the Nobby & Ready Fantasy Football League.

Top 20 N&R FL teams overall

1. George Watson, Watson’s Wonderers, Champs, 1,453 pts
2. Steve Harris, Monkey’s Chimps, Conf, 1,436 pts
3. Graham Ward, BMS Boomerang, Prem, 1,427 pts
4. Keith Read, Hannoi Utd, Prem, 1,409 pts
5. Tom Lamb, In Good Kompany, Champs, 1,392 pts
5. Luke Patey, Tanks Tinkering Tankers, Prem, 1,357 pts
6. Tim Harris, Bale Madrid, Prem, 1,353 pts
7. Dan Weeks, Tekkerslovakia, Champs, 1,337 pts
8. Trevor Fairweather, Twins88, Conf, 1,336 pts
9. Steve Black, Guinness & eggs, Prem, 1,333 pts
10. Matt Pini, Sticky Toffees, Prem, 1,332 pts
11. Steve Merchant, FFC 4Ever, Prem, 1,331 pts
12. Geoff McCormick, We are the Darts, Prem, 1,325 pts
13. James Stiff, Stiffsters, Champs, 1,307 pts
14= Ricky Wood, Woody’s Round Up, Prem, 1,291 pts
14= Michelle Fudge, Fudgepackers, Champs, 1,291 pts
16. Neil Addington, Addington Bares, Prem, 1,284 pts
17. Ian Kennett, If it’s not done by sunrise I’ll cut your balls off, Conf, 1,276 pts
18. Jack Whalley, Where’s Whalley, Conf, 1,264 pts
19. Jordan Perry, Ctrl Alt De Laet, Champs, 1,274 pts
20. Simon Ward, Bingo FC, Champs, 1,273 pts

Half of the current top 20 play in the Premier League, but credit to the top two for magnificent seasons to date.


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