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Who will be number 20?



c45b3cfb6fd5a60f781bfb545f5d91e4Whoever is crowned the 2015-16 N&R FL Champion will be our 20th winner as we celebrate our 20th season of the N&R FL that started as a bit of fun down The Elephant in 1996 with just 8 teams.

There were 8 members in that original league, mostly grouped together as teams and for old times sake they were Aon, Avon, Gerling, AIG, General Accident, Zurich, Commercial Union and Chubb.

We have had 15 different N&R FL Champions with Ready winning it 3 times, the Avon boys in those first two years (Godders and Rose) twice and Ryan Saveall in the last 10 years twice.

Other luminaries of not just the N&R FL but also the market are listed below, each one helping create history and remembered here.

19 years of N&R Champions
2014/15 Guinness & Black – Steve Black
2013/14 Brox Banditos – Chris Wright
2012/13 Ollympic Games – Ryan Saveall
2011/12 Woody’s Round Up – Ricky Wood
2010/11 To Elland Back – Rob Munden
2009/10 Hannoi Utd – Keith Read
2008/09 Gooner win league – Neil Reynolds
2007/08 – Paul Kelleher
2006/07 Savchenko Spurs – Ryan Saveall
2005/06 Ping Pong Yo-Yo – Suzie Syrett
2004/05 Ginger (not so) Athletic – Peter Doyle
2003/04 Chang Noi’s Ham Yai – Keith Read
2002/03 2Infinity & Beyond – Barry Plummer
2001/02 Read ’em & weep – Keith Read
2000/01 Brighton Revenge – Jonathan Poole
1999/00 Cowboys Ride Again – Brett Davey
1998/99 Millennium Buggers – Richard Taylor
1997/98 Flo’s Champs – Godfrey, Rose
1996/97 Flo’s Army – Godfrey, Rose


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