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Ready’s Benfleet Bet



Morning all,

And then there were two…………………………

Manchester United versus Crystal Palace on Saturday 21st May. It’s not often I hope for a Man Utd victory but my hatred for Pardew (Ditto: Nobs) outweighs my disdain for Utd and their overpaid prima donnas.

Please complete the left hand side of the attached prediction form and return to no later than 5pm Friday 20th May. A victory for either side will attract 2 points and the score after the end of 90 mins plus injury time will be used for scoring purposes. Extra time and penalties will not count.

I go away on holiday from mid pm this Thursday 28th April until 16th May so it would be helpful if you could get your scores back to me by Wednesday this week if possible.

The table after the semi finals will be on the blog shortly.

Good luck

Nobby & Ready


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