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N&R Cup Final – Read all about it



N&R CupReady and Martin Singleton battled out a fantastic match worthy of the 2016 N&R Cup Final last weekend. This is what happened:

Ready 49-46 Martin Singleton

A very close encounter with Keith just coming out on top to claim his 2nd 2016 N&R Cup. However there is no doubt that Man U’s game at home to Bournemouth had a negative impact on Martin as he had Juan Mata in his side and a few points from the in-form midfielder would have certainly yielded a different result. Tough luck on Martin, who adds his frustrations to many thousands of others at how some dickhead left a package pretending to be suspect package pretending to be a bomb in the bogs at Old Trafford last weekend.

Never mind Martin, Ready has promised you a big mouthful of his beer that he will be drinking out of the shiny 2016 N&R Cup at the end of season bash on June 20th.

Congratulations to Ready, who has once again shown Nobby up at how to play competitively in their own competition! After missing out on the ultimate 2016 N&R Title, Ready at least will have some silverware to show for another excellent season.


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