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Golden 20th Place



c45b3cfb6fd5a60f781bfb545f5d91e4To celebrate our 20th N&R FL season we decided back in August to award a cash prize to the manager that came 20th overall.

The Golden 20th position switched around a fair bit with Matt Pini first sat in it. Stuart Wolstenholme took the baton for a few weeks, Mark Gregory had a go as did Jordan Perry, who owned it for a while as did Simon Ward. Then during the final few weeks Jack Whalley held onto it for an incredible 5 consecutive weeks up to week 41, when in the penultimate week Godders came from nowhere to snatch it.

But did Godders hang on? No he didn’t because Ricky Wood nipped in due to a negative score, which he can thank Chris Smalling for, to steal the £50 prize and become the Golden 20th place winner.

Jordan lost out by a point and Godders 7! Tough luck fella’s.


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