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N&R Championship – how it all ended



WatsonN&R Championship Final Places

For the first time since we split the leagues the highest overall score did not come from the top division. Watson’s Wonderers after winning promotion last season not only did so again, but he blew away the competition to claim the top N&R Championship prize and finish 104 points ahead of nearest rival In Good Kompany.

Tom also came up last season and makes it two in a row and had a very impressive campaign never leaving the top 8. Tom also picked up the the Best Weekly Score and the cream on the top was winning the Championship League Cup. Not bad. Fudgepackers was our top performing lady and Michelle finished 3rd with Tekkerslovakia bouncing back to the top table in 4th.

Bingo, Bouncebackabilty and Flo’s Army 2015 were other sides relegated last season to win automatic promotion and ended in 5th, 8th and 9th respectively.

My team name favourite was Ctlr Alt De Laet who alongside Club de Cebu, Stiffsters, The Special One and I’m the underdog all storm through another division to the N&R Premier League.

Emma finished just one point above Dewbs’ Tamagotchi Nights to claim the last promotion place. Why do I bother is glad that he did as they finished 13th and Bilic or Bust emulated the Hammers with a very fine season.

The surprise package of the last week N&R Championship week was Cech Mates, who jumped 3 places to move from relegation to promotion.

Nobby’s 20 years of hurt also missed out on promotion (again) despite pushing himself into the mix during the final stages of the season, however at least Nobs missed relegation, which was where he was sat of the majority of the season.

Those going down include Brighton Blues, who for so long looked as if they were going to head the other way. Likewise Drog Free spent a lot of time in the pink part of the table but drops to the N&R Conference as does Wanyamas in Pajamas.

Old stalwart Algarve Eagles drop again after many, many years in the top flight, this is now consecutive relegation’s for our Portugal based manager. On his return Wenners’ My Dreams are in a Sakho fell as did Borussia Teeth. KiwiSlop failed to kick on from a good start and the same can be said for 1st week league leader Hajduk Split.

Monster Smash join the teams who were last season in the N&R Premier League and next will be in the N&R Conference. Our old favourites Ginger Academicals and Neville’s B team are both relegated as are Dan’s Dribblers, Roger, Roger and Francey’s Keep the faith, who had a horrible season finishing only ahead of our Aussie ex-pat Bordertown Bears.


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