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Thank you



We had a record number of managers in this year’s 20th Nobby & Ready Fantasy League. Getting entries has never been our problem, but what to do with them once they are here can be challenging. Keith and I have always tried to keep the N&R FL fresh, and spread prizes out over a whole range of different competitions, with the main prize money reserved for those finishing top of the Premier League. With relatively easy promotion and relegation’s it gives a slightly determined manager every chance to compete for the big bucks, but we reward a whole range of others as well with smaller prizes. 47 managers won some kind of prize this past season.

We anticipate a similar number of entrants next season, some of who will be competing in their 21st N&R FL campaign. However we are always looking for ideas, so if you have any, then please feel free to share.

Our first thank you then is to you, our managers. Thank you for taking part, and following this Blog so intently. By the way since the beginning of last season we have over 9,700 page views. Incredible.

As always Nobby & Ready would like to pay a special thank you to Mark Simmons, who is our master of scoring and statistical analyst. We have said this before but without Mark the N&R FL would not exist. So much thanks pal, and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

In fact we hope to see as many of you as possible on Monday night, in the New Moon from 5pm. The England v Slovakia game starts at 8pm.

Enjoy your summers.

Nobby & Ready


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