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How it works



Mostly for you newbies and those with bad memories.

Three divisions split into N&R Premier League (32 teams), N&R Championship (33) and N&R Conference (34).

The winner of the N&R Premier League (PL) is the ultimate N&R FL Champion EVEN if they score less overall points than a team in the league’s below. They are in the PL due to years of being good, or buying their success (pints always accepted).

Managers from 1st to 8th in the PL win prize money, and it is higher in the PL than the Championship (Champ) and Conference (Con).

The bottom 15 managers will get relegated to the Champ. The winner of the Champ will win a trophy. The teams from 1st to 8th will win prize money and get promoted. The managers who finish from 9th to 15th will be promoted. The bottom 15 teams in the Champ will be relegated to the Conference.

The manager who comes top of the Con will win a trophy. The managers from 1st to 8th will win prize money and be promoted. From 9th to 15th will win promotion to the Champ.

The manager who finishes bottom of the Con is widely ridiculed.

Other end of season prizes are one for the manager who finishes with the 2nd lowest overall score. That ain’t easy to do believe me. Also to celebrate our 21st N&R FL season there will be a cash prize for the manager who finishes 21st overall, i.e. 21st out of 99 managers.

There are two Cup competitions. The world famous N&R Cup which starts after Christmas and famous people or barmaids with big bangers do the draw. Winner wins the coveted N&R Cup.

Then each of the three leagues has its own League Cup – draw for the 1st Rounds out next week. The finals are normally in the early part of the year. Prize for the winners.

There is a weekly Manager of the Week prize of £5, shared if tied. There are higher weekly spot prizes – look out for them.

Managers that work for a company where two or more colleagues play N&R FL are thrown into a very competitive N&R Team Challenge Trophy. Regular updates are given using average scores. Shiny trophy for the winners.

We keep an eye on the best and worst weekly scores – a cash prize for those.

Ready organizes a FA Cup Predictions competition (he even has some soft porn ware for it. We plan to start that at the first round and all are invited.

An it’s too late, but our points guru, Mark, keeps a check on how your original pick is getting on during the season and therefore we give a prize to the manager who would have got the most points if he or she kept their original team.

On that note, a reminder that the weekly transfer deadline is Tuesday at 5pm. That is for changes to apply from Tuesday night’s games and onward.

Plus of course Nobby & Ready reserve the right to make shit up, change the rules and add new competitions as we see fit.

Welcome all, and if you have a minute check the rule book on top of this page here:

Nobby & Ready


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