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What’s in a team name?



cucumberAs always you lot have excelled yourself with your team names. A recent trait has been a play on words on Premiership players and this year is no different.

Inadvertently we had two Pique Blinders, which I love, but I’m not sure out Joe Harding and Dan Weeks was first, but at least they are in a different league.

Another player honoured twice, but with a different twist is
Christian Fuchs with John Button’s No Fuchs Given and For Fuchs Sake (Dan Duboux). William Knowles goes for the poetic Can Kone or Kante, Oliver Robinson The Wizard of Ozil and two of our favourites Egg Fried Reus from Richard Carpanen and Men behaving Chadli from Rob Smith.

André Ayew is saluted by champion Graham Ward with Ayew ready for this. We like Jordan’s to the point Right in the Feghoulis and the never forgotten giant (Peter) Crouch Potato is also paid homage. Mitesh selected Martial Law, which we like as we did Dier Straits and Godders welcomed the new Man U manager with Jose, Jose, Jose.

Andi Turner was so proud of last year’s effort that he kept We have Alder(timeinthe)weireld. Oakers made sure we never forget his hero Didier, with Drog Addicts. Paul Hodges retained To Be Coutinhoed, Chris Minchell Alexis on Fire. Then there were a couple of other old favourites like Lee Horne’s What a load of Ballacks, George Northover’s JimmyFloydBottleBank, Bix’s Bilic or Bust, Jason’s Cech Mates and Ben’s Moral Hazard.

Mark Gregory probably spent the most time thinking about his name finally coming out with Knowing Remy Knowing Joselu. SAHA! Quite.

There are many that stuck with their knitting and went with what they know best (Too Bigg to Fail, Bingo FC, Fudgepackers, Guinness & eggs, Loads of Roubles, 2Infinity & Beyond, HammerNation, Muddy’s Mavericks and many, many others) and some obviously couldn’t be bothered (Sweats 11, Sav’s Eleven, Kinsella’s XI) and some went on football on us (Knock it long and hope for the best, Don’t shoot).

Ian Kennett dug deep in his Monty Python videos for Biggus Dickus and the high wanking officers, which has upset a few IT security walls, as did Doyley for his latest ginge incarnation Deportivo de La Ginger. A few used football clubs for their names (Arsenal reserve team), Brighton Blues, Only one F in Forest, Exeter Gently, Expected Toulouse, Substandard Liege, To Elland & back, Inter Trouble, Bale Madrid).

Place names featured well again with Barry’s Algarve Eagles, Nicholas’ Atletico Hoxton, Max’s Kansas City Blues and Mark’s Warsaw United.

We would like to be enlightened on There’s only 4 Danny Rose’s (4 Dan?), Brobdingnagian Banditos (Chris), Sssstammer FC (Rory), Italian Stallion (RR), but I think we have worked out Martin’s The Guild City and one that made us chuckle out loud Huw’s Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber.


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