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N&R League Cup 3rd Round Results



Week 15 included the next round of the N&R League Cups. These were the results of the final 8’s:

N&R Premier League Cup 3rd Round

Alastair Bigg 31-19 Richard Nathan
Simon Ward 40-41 Keith Read
Neil Bixby 14-29 Michelle Fudge
Peter Godfrey 29-25 George Watson

So Alastair, Ready, Michelle and Godders become our final four.

N&R Championship League Cup 3rd Round

George Northover 34-39 Emma Wells
Paul Hodges 53-34 Steve Harris
Simon Newport 30-32 Mark Dewberry
Stuart Wolstenholme 32-27 Jack Mann

Emma, Paul, Dewbs and Stuart go into the semi-finals.

N&R Conference League Cup 3rd Round

Mark Sterry 31-33 Joe Harding
Peter Doyle 23-23 Ian France**
Harry McCarthy 37-26 Brian Rutter
Oliver Robinson 33-28 Paul Long

Francey and Doyley will play again whilst Joe, Harry and Oliver move into the last four.


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  1. Pete Godfrey says:

    So which week will the next round be held on, please?

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