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Championship half term review



martial-lawN&R Championship – Week 21

At the halfway stage Martial Law have not only the law in their hands but also the divisional prize. Top for 4 weeks Mitesh is 20 ahead of Work It Like A Treat, nicely placed in 2nd. Don’t shoot are 3rd and one of the pre-season favourites Gooner win league 4th with a point behind in 5th Where’s Whalley.

Monkey’s Chimps, Walcocks FC and JimmyFloydBottleBank all remain in contention in what is a very tightly grouped top of the table.

To Be Coutinhoed are a little bit off the top group in 9th, Magic Men are slipping a bit but are 10th and old hat The Sloan Rangers in 11th. Permatan are on the move upwards as are our actuarial Polish scientists Warsaw United.

Egg Fried Reus have been very consistent and deserving of a pink place at the turn although Sssstammer FC have bounced around a bit. Loads of Roubles, who have struggled to adjust to a drop in class have finally made their way into promotion contention.

Inter Trouble were week 1 leaders, but have steadily gone backwards. They sit 17th but with it all to play for as does Atletico Hoxton.

The Guild City need to drag themselves out of the relegation pile, and now Martin has all the time in the world, he really has no excuses. Greg Foulger incredibly still has some transfers available so should be good enough to push himself into the top 15.

Nobby’s Nuts started poorly and got worse but some transfers have made a big difference and slowly I’ve improved. I should expect not only promotion but to win the whole thing, and I probably will!

Crouch Potato has dallied with the promotion places but has got himself embroiled in a relegation battle, as has Twins88, who should be doing better than his 23rd place suggests.

Kinsella’s 11 started well but has faded. Can he pick it up and what about AJ FC
and Brobdingnagian Banditos, where it is the same story.

Arse ‘n’ all have had a bit of a nightmare. Fcuk knows what Soozie does all day and We have Alder(timeinthe)weireld, To Elland Back and Drog Addicts also look like escaping the dreaded drop to the lower echelons could already be beyond them.

Leggs XI are frankly a disappointment. Ray showed so much promise his dear Mum used to say. Likewise it’s a surprise to see Alexis on Fire struggle like they are.

We can’t say the same for Kennett’s Biggus Dickus and the high wanking officers, where wanking and climbing mountains appear to taken over from any fantasy football prowess.


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