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Premier League half term review



biggN&R Premier League – Week 21

What a time to lose top place! At the halfway point Hannoi Utd have been overtaken by Too Bigg to Fail, who have been absolute mustard these last couple of weeks.

Woody’s Round Up is definitely still in the title race, although you would have to say that Moral Hazard are too far behind?

Cech mates are even further behind, 126 behind the leader but still there is some good prize money up for grabs. Right in the Feghoulis are 6th with Bingo FC, another form side up to 7th. Club de Cebu have also forced their way into the top 8, which has seen Sticky Toffees and Dier Straits drop out. In fact Tom has had a nightmare and fell to 16th in week 21.

Knocking on the prize money chest is Sweats 11 and Knowing Remy Knowing Joselu. SAHA. Addington Bares, Sav’s Eleven and Tanks Tinkering Tankers are all capable as is another form side Bilic or Bust.

In fact in midtable there was quite a lot of movement in week 21. Jose, Jose, Jose,
Guinness & Eggs and This is Not my year all found themselves in the relegation zone and will need to arrest that slide quickly.

Bale Madrid have started to do that as has the current champion Ayew ready for this, who have really struggled a la Leicester.

To our surprise 2Infinity & beyond have spent the entire season in the drop zone and both Watson’s Wonderers and Pique Blinders should be doing much better after stunning promotion’s last year.

GlobeTrotter Rovers, Kansas City Blues and Stiffsters all need a change in fortune to avoid a drop that looks beyond What a load of Ballacks and We are the Darts.


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