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There are now more Chelsea players (123) represented than any other team. At the start of the season, there were 10 teams contributing more players than Chelsea’s 45, including West Ham, Southampton and even Palace!

Hull players have gone up from 2 to 24, and Leicester down from 82 to 41

However the number of different Chelsea players has only gone up from 10 to 11
Hull now have 3 different players picked as opposed to the initial 2, and there are still 10 different Leicester players, exactly the same as at the start of the season

Overall there are now 184 different players picked compared to the initial 201.

The top 3 most picked players are:

1) Aguero in 46 teams
2) Sanchez in 44 teams
3) Hazard in 38 teams

And Wayne Rooney is not picked by any teams! Imagine that a few years back..


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