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N&R Cup 2nd Round draw 



N&R CupMy daughter sat down this morning and pulled these 64 names out of her cereal bowl. Ties will be played over this weekend, week 26.

N&R Cup 2nd Round

Mark Simmons v Richard Carpanen
Dan Duboux v Barry Plummer
Alan Oakley v Peter Doyle
John McGowan v Richard Brown
Soozie Saveall v Andy Dewar
Greg Foulger v Mark Dewberry
Ken Cobbett v Neil Reynolds
Stuart Wolstenholme v Neil Addington
Steve Merchant v Simon Ward
Megan McLeod v Chris Minchell
Andi Turner v Barry Paull
Matt Pini v Lee Blackman
Neville White v Paddy Fyson
Emma Wells v John Button
Richard Nathan v Neil Bixby
Dan Weeks v Ashley Blake
Mark Sterry v Glenn Francis
Ray Legg v Brian Rutter
Max King v Paul Long
Tony Martin v Steve Harris
Huw Thomas v Ben Guarino
Lee Horne v George Watson
Oliver Robinson v Tony Murray
Paul Hodges v George Northover
Andrew Shepherd v Aaron Bardon
James Stiff v Steve Black
Michelle Fudge v Danny Rose
Ian France v Trevor Fairweather
Nicholas Kociuba v Lee Baughan
Tim Harris v Ryan Saveall
Alan Waters v Robert Smith
Rob Munden v Nobby

She picked me out last to travel to Rob Munden. The tie that immediately jumped out at me was Max King v Paul Long.

Good luck to you all.


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