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Who is the real Simon Ward?



Simon Ward better known as Bingo spends most of his time either at West Ham or at the London Business Interruption Association. But does he?

Simon Ward is also a well known west end stage and film actor with famous roles in Young Winston,  The Tudors, Three Musketeers, and sequel The Four Musketeers.

I truly loved Bingo in the successful film adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small, where he played author and vet James Herriot.

Wardy played one of the lead roles (Lt. Crawford) in the 1976 World War I film Aces High, then starred as Lt. William Vereker in the 1979 film Zulu Dawn. He was also seen as a fictional Nazi functionary (the sympathetic one, with whom the audience is supposed to identify) in Hitler: The Last Ten Days (1973).

Now, I very much identified with a young Bingo in that and with that on his resume he walked into his job at HDI Gerling and has truly thrived as a senior property underwriter ever since. The tash has since gone.

Later film roles included Zor-El in Supergirl (1984) with Alan Waters in the main role. Bingo also spent many a night on the west end stage, mostly after necking 6 pints of Fosters at The Moon.

Wardy was born in Beckenham or maybe Upminister and either went to school at Alleyn’s School or Hall Mead. Wikipedia is unsure to that fact.

I thought Bingo had 2 boys but apparently he also has 3 daughters, all lookers. Sophie, Claudia and Kitty, who is married to Michale McIntyre. If only Bingo was as funny.

Whilst Simon Ward the BI expert is still going strong, Simon Ward, the luvvie sadly died in 2012.




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