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Who is the real Richard Richards?



So good they named him twice. Richard Richards spends his days sat in Lloyds disobeying the no drinking signs swigging bottles of Jim Beam from his drawer. The Chaucer man has a secret though because he is also a retired American naval officer and an aviator, test pilot, chemical engineer, and a former NASA astronaut! And that is just a start.

Richard flew aboard four Space Shuttle missions in the 1980’sand 1990’s and logged in his underwriting journal a total of 33 days, 21 hours, 32 minutes, 15 seconds in space. In April 1995, Richard left not only school but also the Astronaut Office, and was assigned to the Space Shuttle Program Office at the Johnson Space Center. He was designated as the Mission Director/Manager for the second Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Space Shuttle Mission and Mission Manager for the second Tethered Satellite System Space Shuttle mission.

At some point during all of that Richard managed to hold down jobs at Allianz, Zurich and Generali!

RR still dabbles in a bit of International FAC but left NASA to join the Boeing Company and retired from Boeing 5 years ago and now lives in Houston, Texas and swigs Jim Beam to his heart’s content.


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