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N&R Cup 4th Round results



Down to the final 8 in the N&R Cup N&R Cup. All the games were settled as follows:

N&R Cup 4th Round Results 
Steve Harris 26-21 Mark Sterry
Ian France 39-27 Soozie Saveall
George Northover 49-34 James Stiff
Nicholas Kociuba 40-36 Robert Smith
Neil Reynolds 41-8 Brian Rutter
Neil Bixby 25-49 Tim Harris
Andi Turner 42-53 Lee Horne
Mark Simmons 36-42 Richard Brown

There were many big scoring point games saw Richard Brown beat Mark Simmons, Lee Horne beat Andi Tuner, Nick Kociuba beat Rob Smith, Francey beat Soozie and George Northover beat James Stiff.

Neil Reynolds thrashed Rutts, Tim Harris won well at Bix and in a close one Steve Harris got past Mark Sterry.


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