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7 weeks to go – N&R Championship thoughts



jimmy-floydJimmyFloydBottleBank looks on course for his second straight promotion and this time will add some silverware as George sits clear on top of the N&R Championship. Martial Law, Don’t shoot and last year’s Conference champions, Monkeys Chimps have long been challengers but in all likelihood will have to settle for prize monies.

Loads of Roubles looks like winning promotion back to the Premier League after dropping out last season for the first ever time. And both Inter Trouble and Crouch Potato on the back of excellent runs have also put themselves into contention for winning prize money.

But, To be Countinhoed, Gooner win league, Atletico Hoxton, Warsaw United, Permatan, Work it like a treat and Where’s Whalley can all have prize money ambitions, although equally for those mentioned promotion is no certainty, in fact relegation is still a threat for some

With only 3 teams staying put Kinsella’s 11, Egg Fried Reus, Nobby’s Nuts, Sloan Rangers and Walcocks FC’s season could go either way.

Beyond Omar, perhaps excepting Sssstammer, the rest look doomed to relegation.

We do have a prize for the Penultimate worst score, our thinking behind that is that is pretty hard to achieve the 2nd worse score. Currently Ian Kennett’s Biggus Dickus and the high wanking officers proudly has the 98th best score. We would think Geoff McCormick, Neville White and James Bird are Ian’s challengers.


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