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7 weeks to go – N&R Conference thoughts



Expected ToulouseThe N&R Conference league winners looks like one of Expected Toulouse, For Fuchs Sake and Roger’s Revenge. Whilst it is hard to see anyone else winning the title than Harry after 17 weeks at the summit, Mark has had a storming couple of months that saw him rise from lower down the table to promotion and now league challengers, whilst Dan has been very consistent.

Nothing up front, Pique Blinders (currently in the 21st Golden place), Borussia Teeth, No Fuchs given and Johno’s Lions occupy the prized places and whilst they all are dead certs for promotion there is still a top 8 threat from Keep the faith but the others in the pink zone look like they will settle for promotion.

The No Hopers, Wizard of Ozil, the in form Men Behaving Chadli and Farcelona look in good shape for a jump to the next level. However Here we go again and Exeter Gently still need to keep adding the points to fight off challenges from Can Kone or Kante and perhaps less likely Muddy’s Mavericks, Substandard Liege and Lollygagging Millionaire’s.

We are going to say this again, for the millionth time. A transfer or two at this stage of the season (if you have some left) will make all the difference. That probably fell on death ears in Muddy’s office though..

As is customary the bottom team in the Conference will no doubt end the N&R 2016-17 season with the lowest points total and that 100% will be Crystal Alice.


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