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New leader alert



HannoiN&R Premier League – Week 37

Only 5 managers have topped the N&R Premier League in the 37 weeks it has been powering along. 3 are Ben Guarino, Jordan Perry and Lee Baughan and the other two are Alastair Bigg and Ready, who combined have occupied no.1 spot for 35 weeks.

Too Bigg to Fail last went top in week 21 and had stayed there for 16 weeks. At one time he was fully 67 points clear but in recent weeks Hannoi Utd have reeled them back in and Ready made his move this week and over took Alastair to take pole position with 5 N&R weeks left to play.

3 points is all, but physiologically it is big for Ready, and now we will have to see what Alastair can do to respond.

Right in the Feghoulis are 3rd, Bale Madrid 4th and Woody’s Round Up 5th but they are competing for the scraps because we have a real ding dong title race going on round here.


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