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Sav cops season best score



N&R MoW – Week 41

The final full week of N&R FL and we only get a new Best weekly score, which is not surprising bearing the amount of goals that got banged in. And if you have Harry Kane in your side, then that was a real bonus.

Ryan Saveall copped the fiver and a bigger prize after hitting a score of 126 in week 41. 10 more than Rob Smith.

8 managers in total scored more than a 100 points. They were Aaron 115, Richard Carpanen 114, Mitesg 106, Steve Harris 104, Ready, with a vital 104, and Barry Plummer 102.

Other scores of importance were John McGowan 94, Stuart 91, Ken 89, Neil 89, Alastair 85, Ashley 83, George 80, Dan Duboux 79, Sweaty 73, Ricky 64 and the week’s lowest for the record was Paul Long 25.


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