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Ready enters last week ahead



N&R Premier League – Week 41

Hannoi Utd are in the driving seat for the 2016/17 N&R FL title. They sit 11 points ahead of Too Bigg to Fail with just the one game left. Whatever happens it has been a incredibly close battles between Alastair and Ready.

Whilst Right in the Feghoulis remain 3rd, colleague Mark and his Knowing Remy Knowing Joselu. SAHA hurdle into 4th place and Sweats 11 move up to 5th pushing Woody’s Round Up into 6th, Moral Hazard into 7th with Dier Straits and This is not my year tied in 8th.

Bale Madrid falter to 11th with previous champion 2Infinity & beyond in 10th and with a great chance of prize money. Sav’s Eleven’s huge score in week 41 also gives him a really chance of throwing the top 8 into disarray in the last week. In fact at a stretch Sticky Toffees cannot be written off.

In the bottom 15 Bilic or Bust moved out of the drop zone and was replaced by Cech Mates. Club de Cebu and Tanks Tinkering Tankers look over their shoulders nervously.


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