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We love a good stat, and with complete thanks to our statistician Mark Simmons, here are several. Enjoy.

As of the end of the season the most commonly picked players were:

Sanchez was in 49 teams
Aguero 44
Alli 44
Costa 41
Hazard 40
Alonso 37
Lukaku 29
Cook 24
de Gea 22
Kane 21
Snodgrass 21

Incredibly for yonks, the most selected player, Wayne Rooney, wasn’t in anybodies team throughout the whole season!

The most commonly picked teams were

CHE 170
TOT 140
MCY 115
ARS 98
EVE 75
MUN 73
LIV 58

So the top 3 were in the same order as the actual Premiership. However the 3 least picked teams which one would expect to be the 3 relegated teams were actually:

SUN 16
BUR 14

Altogether in the Daily Telegraph Fantasy League there were 690 Premier League players to chose from, although 157 never made an appearance, and Mings of Bournemouth had the misfortune of ending the season with the lowest cumulative score of -5. In total these players scored 32,340 points.

In our 3 leagues there were 181 different players being used at the end of the season.

Although we know that Sav got the highest weekly score of 126, what has not been disclosed is that the lowest weekly score, when there were 2 or more games played, was in week 25 when Mark Dewberry and Tony Murray both just got 1 point.

We will attach to the final email a spreadsheet that shows the top, bottom and average scores for each of the three leagues as well as the overall situation for the past 3 seasons. Last year every league did better than the year before. This year the N&R Premier League did even better than last year, the N&R Championship did worse and amazingly the top bottom and average scores in the N&R Conference were identical to last season.

However overall we are doing better with the highest score going up from 1,574 to 1,815 and now 1,838. Two years ago the average that was just 1,287, rising to 1,461 last year and 1,517 this year. Also in 2014-15 there were 4 teams that failed to hit the magic 1,000. Last year and this year just the 1.

And although Ready won the league with 1,838. It was possible to get 2,122 with the following team with no transfers:

G Courtois, CHE, 3.8m, 152 points
D Alonso, CHE, 3.8m, 180
D Cahill, CHE, 4.1m, 182
D Cook, BOU, 2.2m, 95
M Alli, TOT, 5m, 237
M Sanchez, ARS, 6m, 280
M Eriksen, TOT, 5.2m, 230
M Snodgrass, WHM, 3.6m, 142
M Pedro, CHE, 4.9m 177
S Heung-Min, TOT, 4.6m, 195
S Kane, TOT, 6.8m, 252
Total spend 50.0m. Total points 2,122

And finally if we banned transfers and you had to stick with the team you selected before the season started, then the title would have been won by Alastair Bigg. For that Alastair picks up a prize of £30.


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