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Thank you’s



Nobby & Ready’s 21st season done and dusted with a record points score and managers finishing as low as 31st that in one year past would have won the league.

Every season this league gets harder and more competitive.

But we try to share the prizes around, and this season 49 different managers won a prize of some sort. Keith and I have always tried to keep the N&R FL fresh, and spread prizes out over a whole range of different competitions, with the main prize money reserved for those finishing top of the Premier League. With relatively easy promotion and relegation’s it gives a slightly determined manager every chance to compete for the big bucks, but we reward a whole range of others as well with smaller prizes.

Our first thank you then is to you, our managers. Thank you for the taking part, and the joining in and following this Blog so intently. We have managers from literally all over the world. In Australia, South America, North America and in the good old square mile. You’re an ingenious, bright bunch so we’d like to hear of any ideas you have to improve the N&R FL next season.

In the meantime keep the photos, gossip and emails coming please.

As always Nobby & Ready would like to pay a special thank you to Mark Simmons, who is our master of scoring and statistical analyst. We have said this before but without Mark the N&R FL would not exist, it is as straight forward as that. So many thanks pal, and we look forward to seeing you for a pint or three in July.

Thanks also to David Allen who provides the software for Ready’s Benfleet Bet competition.

If I’m honest, the Blog, which had 10,000 visits this season, is becoming a labour of love and I might not be as committed to it next year. Possibly there will be weeks when we’ll just post the scores and make a few comments. We’ll see..

Finally we hope to see as many of you as possible on July 4th outside the New Moon as always from 5pm for the end of season drink up and prize presentations.

Enjoy your summers.

Nobby & Ready


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