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N&R FL Historical Stats



22logo1We love a stat as you all know at N&R HQ. We have 22 years worth of historical N&R FL data, a lot in a plastic folder on yellowing paper that has followed me around the world and much on my work computer! Then in 2004 we became all cool and started a Blog – this original one is still available to read.

So, to celebrate 22 years of unbroken supremacy as the world’s preeminent insurance related fantasy football league, we thought over the course of the season we would provide a regular Historical N&R FL Stat.

To coincide with this we will also be chucking out a regular Premier League stat, which celebrates their 25 year anniversary this month – just 3 more than good old Nobby & Ready. For those trying to remember, the Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football competition started in 1994, and the TV show with David Baddiel and Frank Skinner began the same year.

So now I have your attention, our first 22-year stat, is below and it is how many managers we have had each season.

In 1996 we started with just 8, all grouped together as companies. A similar format grew to 12 the following year, but then the following season Nobby & Ready joined forces and opened it up to a wider audience and we had 34 different managers from across the London Market.

In 2004 we reached 47 and felt compelled to make a two-division competition with promotion and relegation. In the 2000’s the N&R FL continued to grow and we now had managers in South and North America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. It had truly gotten a life of it’s own.

In 2013 we moved to 3 divisions as the number of participants hit 80. Last season we had 99 managers

How many managers in the N&R FL
2017/18 96
2016/17 99
2015/16 97
2014/15 87
2013/14 80 (moved to 3 divisions)
2012/13 69
2011/12 70
2010/12 61
2009/10 59
2008/9 55
2007/8 54
2006/7 51
2005/6 46
2004/5 47 (moved to 2 divisions)
2003/4 43
2002/3 37
2001/2 35
2000/1 36
1999/00 30
1998/99 34 (moved to individuals)
1997/98 12
1996/97 8 (company teams)


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