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N&R League Cups 2nd Round Results



The N&R League Cup 2nd Round was played out over the last weekend. This is how it went:

N&R Premier League Cup 2nd Round Results
Richard Carpanen 36-54 Alastair Bigg
Jordan Perry 41-56 Lee Blackman
Barry Plummer 43-42 Neil Reynolds
Mark Dewberry 49-45 Mark Simmons
John McGowan 33-44 Ready
Steve Harris 40-33 Ben Guarino
Paul Hodges 62-57 Mitesh Patel
John McGowan 33-43 Peter Clark

In the tie of the round Steve squeezed past Ben 40-33. In the closest game Plumms nipped past Neil by a point and in the highest scoring Paul flashed past Mitesh 62-57.

N&R Championship League Cup 2nd Round Results
Lee Horne 38-42 James Stiff
Ben Kinsella 57-35 Harry McCarthy
Peter Godfrey 51-28 Max King
Graham Ward 54-58 Michael Stout
George Watson 44-34 Oliver Robinson
Dan Weeks 46-34 Ashley Blake
Ken Cobbett 44-69 Joe Harding
Stephen Johnson 47-49 William Knowles

In the most anticipated match up Ben edged past Harry. League leader Michael slipped past Graham in another close one and the biggest scoring tie Joe wrinkled their way past Johno.

N&R Conference League Cup 2nd Round Results
Andrew Mitchell 36-33 Nini Cifelli
Stuart Keys 26-55 Paul Woodward
Martin Singleton 47-48 Aaron Barden
Alex Byatt 46-54 Richard Richards
Megan McLeod 50-28 Andi Turner
Ian Kennett 47-45 Tony Murray
Paul Long 54-40 Trevor Fairweather
Ray Legg 54-37 Omar Dixon

In what was slated as the tie of the round Richard few by Alex in a high scoring encounter. The most sided victory was Megan stuffing good and proper Andi. Two points separated Ian and Tony and just one as Aaron stealthily got by Martin.

Watch out for the 3rd Round Draws soon.


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